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November Financial Planning Newsletter

Can you believe the festive season is almost upon us, and it's nearly a wrap on another year? It is a busy time of year, but it's also the perfect time of year to celebrate all your achievements, no matter how big or small, for 2019.

"Will we retire together?" It's a question pondered by many Australian couples, and our first article explores the perks and cons of retiring at the same time.

We outline seven of the undesirable traits that behavioural economists generally say investors should avoid.

If you run a business, have you mapped out your exit strategy? We take a look at the importance of having a transition plan in place.

Finally, we wrap it up with 9 mind-blowing ways to stop yourself from wasting time before the new year is upon us.

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Mike Sikar

Principal Adviser

Should you and your partner retire at the same time?

It’s one of those curious questions people rarely ponder before the time draws uncomfortably near: will we retire together? On the one hand, it makes sense to seize the opportunity to travel and experience this next chapter of your lives together. On the other, how can two people possibly be ready to leave the workforce at exactly the same time?

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Good investment habits versus damaging biases

In a low-interest, lower-return, more-volatile investment environment, investors have an even greater incentive to keep wealth-damaging behavioural traits or biases under control.

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Six tips for staying motivated after the ‘new business honeymoon period’ is over

Finding motivation for starting a new business can be easy to come by, but as time passes these feelings may begin to fade. So what do you do when motivation is lacking?

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Why more of us are finding new purpose in later life

Priorities can change as we get older. The financial concerns that nag away in the background throughout our working lives may start to fade away, replaced by other priorities like personal health. But with more people living longer, and staying healthy well into their retirement years, a growing number are looking for new purpose in later life.

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How to procrastinate: nine tips from a pro

Why is there such focus on how to be productive when many of us spend our time faffing around? There should be more tips on how to procrastinate. Here they are.

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